Niraj Kumar (Faculty)


Niraj Kumar

Assistant Professor,
Mechanical Engineering

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M. Tech (NIT Durgapur) , Specialisation-Fluid Mechanics and Heat transfer (Department of Mechanical engineering)
Subject Expertise
Thermodynamics , Heat Transfer , Fluid mechanics , Mechanics
Area Of Research
CFD, Microfluidics, Thermophoresis
Professional Experience
Work as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical engineering at KK University Biharsharif from 2 August 2019 to 19 August 2020
List Of Publications
Niraj Kumar*a , Kartik Chandra Ghanta*b and Abhiram Hens*b ,CFD based investigation of ‘Microfluidic thermophoresis’.J. Indian Chem. Soc.,Vol. 97, June 2020, pp. 1-7
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